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    Hello and welcome to After Happily Ever After! We are a no word count, AU Post-Potter site based around both adults and students. We encourage you to make both member groups! Please note that when we say we are AU, we mean we are very AU; be sure to look over all of the important site information before you decide to create a character because you might just end up going against the information that's been set for the site. We are not your average AU Post-Potter.

    Please register as follows: first m. last in all lowercase.

    DECEMBER 2027 - FEBRUARY 2028


    10/11/13 We have a brand new skin up! We hope you guys like it! As always, if you see anything goofy with it, please make sure to point it out to a staff member so that we can fix it. GUESS WHAT ELSE?! We also have a brand new site event up! Go check it out and post in it, it'll be awesome!

    21/10/13 The activity check is over, and we've lost a couple of people, which is quite sad - but on the bright side, we kept the majority of our members! We also have a brand new sign up - the open threads directory - so make sure to check that out! Reply to some open threads! It's awesome!

    11/10/13 Along with our new skin, we've just put up our very first activity check! Please make sure that you sign into it; anyone who doesn't without speaking to an admin beforehand will be deleted. We love you and don't want you to disappear!

    09/10/13 Hey guys, we've put up a new skin! If you see anything iffy with it - anything that's just a bit off - please make sure to point it out to a staff member! Also, we've clarified our inactivity stipulations in our rules, so make sure you abide by them!

    21/08/13 Hey everyone, we've updated the way time flows on the site! Instead of being stuck with one month, you can now have threads that take place within a span of 2-3 months; right now they can take place in September, October, or November!

    18/08/13 We are officially open! Welcome everyone, we hope you love the site as much as we do. Please remember to read all the extra information, rules and plots! We’re AU, so the tips and info that they give are extremely important.
    F: 01 | M: 00

    F: 03 | M: 02

    F: 00 | M: 04

    F: 01 | M: 00

    F: 01 | M: 00

    F: 01 | M: 01

    F: 02 | M: 01

    F: 00 | M: 02

    F: 00 | M: 01

  • The canon list, and all other site coding for AHEA was done by Iris, as were the graphics. The skin is by Iris. The plot was created by Iris and fed by several other awesome and creative minds.

    The images used on this skin can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

    All original content belongs to the staff and members of this site.

Hello everyone! Over the last week or so, your admins Raina, Lacey, and Iris have been discussing the future of AHEA, and we have come to the conclusion that it would be best for the site if we go on a hiatus. At this time, we are unable to give adminning our all, and as the site is quite small right now there really isn't anyone who can take over.

We aren't sure if we will be returning in the future, but with any luck we will! Those who are registered are free to log onto the site and retrieve all of your things, and for anyone who has lost their accounts but would like to get some of their things back, you can contact Iris at alwaysunderiris@gmail.com and she will get back to you ASAP.

We've had a lot of fun roleplaying with you all, and we hope that in the future we will be able to continue to do so! Here's to almost six months of AHEA loveliness!

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